1984 (for the love of big brother)

3:28 I did it just the same lennox/stewart
3:59 Sexcrime (nineteen eighty-four) lennox/stewart
5:05 For the love of big brother lennox/stewart
1:22 Winston's diary lennox/stewart
6:13 Greetings from a dead man lennox/stewart
6:40 Julia lennox/stewart
4:40 Doubleplusgood lennox/stewart
3:48 Ministry of love lennox/stewart
3:50 Room 101 lennox/stewart

uk virgin V1984 + virgin OVED 207
ger virgin 206 680
nl virgin cdv-1984
aus/nz rca SFL1-0119
jap virgin 2SVB1020 - promo
isr rca ABLI 5349 - sexcrime sleeve
usa rca ABL1-5349
can virgin VL2318
uk virgin CDV 1984
uk/fr virgin CDVP 1984 - picture cd (part of soundtrack 3cd-set)
including: Mike Oldfield-The Killing Fields &
              Ryuichi Sakamoto: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
can virgin CDVM 1984
usa rca PCD1-5371
uk virgin TCV 1984
usa rca ABK1-5349

Sleeve notes

released: november 1984

produced by David A. Stewart
engineered by Eric 'E.T.' Thorngren, Steven Stanley
mixed by David A. Stewart, Eric 'E.T.' Thorngren

photograhy: Sarah Quill (frontcover) + Peter Ashworth
1984 logo: Howard Brown
package: Mighty N at Assorted images

charts: uk 23


Ann Lennox
David A. Stewart

Nineteen Eighty-Four - The Music of Oceania

This is the classical soundtrack by Dominic Muldowney (no Eurythmics music)