Be yourself tonight

don't forget to check the extra tracks on the remastered cd

4:25 Would i lie to you? stewart/lennox
5:22 There must be an angel (playing with my heart) lennox/stewart
4:04 I love you like a ball and chain stewart/lennox
5:54 Sisters are doin'it for themselves lennox/stewart
4:30 Conditioned soul stewart/lennox
4:29 Adrian lennox/stewart
3:45 It's alright (- baby's coming back) lennox/stewart
5:40 Here comes that sinking feeling stewart/lennox
5:06 Better to have lost in love (than never to have loved at all) stewart/lennox
4:15 Grown up girls stewart/lennox
3:26 Tous les garçons et les filles f.hardy/samyn

uk rca PL 70711
ger rca PL 70711
it rca PL 70711
can rca AJL1-5429
usa rca AJL1-5429
gr rca RCLP 20336
mex rca MILS 4706
ko rca JRLP 3370
uk rca PD 70711
ger rca PD 70711
it rca PD 70711
usa PCD1 5429 - longbox
jap rca RPCD 1012
jap rca BVCP 2020 - promo
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ger rca PK 70711
it rca PK 70711
usa rca AJK1-5429
can rca AJK1-5429
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Sleeve notes

released: april 1985

produced by David A. Stewart
engineered by Adam Williams, Don Smith

art & design: Laurence Stevens
photograhy: Paul Fortune

charts: uk 3, us 9

This is an earlier design for the sleeve, it was never used


Annie Lennox - vocals, keyboards
David A. Stewart - guitars, (bass) sequencers, keyboard, drum computer

Stevie Wonder - harmonica on There must be an angel
Aretha Franklin - "super" vocals on Sisters are doin'it for themselves
Elvis Costello - harmony vocals on Adrian
Angel Cross - backing vocal on There must be an angel

Mike Cambell - lead guitar
The Charles Williams Singers - backing vocals
Martin Dobson - saxophones
Nathan East - bass
Dean Garcia - bass
Michael Kayman - strings, celeste, keyboard
Stan Lynch - drums
Dave Plews - trumpet
Olle Romo - drums
Benmont Tench - organ
Adam Williams - drum computer