don't forget to check the extra tracks on the remastered cd

4:54 Here comes the rain again lennox/stewart
4:43 Regrets stewart/lennox
4:05 Right by your side lennox/stewart
4:48 Cool blue stewart/lennox
4:46 Who's that girl lennox/stewart
4:44 The first cut stewart/lennox
4:36 Aqua lennox/stewart
5:24 No fear, no hate, no pain (no broken hearts) stewart/lennox
7:30 Paint a rumour lennox/stewart
3:01 You take some lentils... and you take some rice lennox/stewart


ABC freeform stewart

uk rca PL 70109
uk rca PLP 70109 - picture disk
ger rca PL 70109
aus/nz rca VPL1-7467 - gatefold sleeve + poster
usa rca AFL1-4917
jap rca RPL 8224
mex rca MILS 4662
ko rca JRLP 3350
uk rca PD 70109 + rca ND 90369
ger rca PD 70109 + rca ND 90369
usa PCD1-4917
aus PCD1-4917
jap rca R32P1008 + RPCD-8
uk rca PK 70109
ger rca PK 70109
jp rca RPT 8224
usa rca AKK1 4917
saudi 747
usa rca ?

Sleeve notes

released: november 1983

produced by David A. Stewart
engineered by Jon Bavin

art & design: Rockin Russian and Laurence Stevens
photograhy: Peter Ashworth (outer sleeve) & Brian Aris (inner sleeve)

charts: uk 1, us 7


Ann Lennox - all lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboard, flute
David A. Stewart - guitars, keyboard, dulcimer, xylophone, backing vocals, drum and synthesizer sequencers

Dick Cuthell - horns
Martin Dobson - baritone sax
Dean Garcia - bass guitar
Michael Kamen - string arrangements
The British Philharmonic Orchestra - strings

Live Band
'The croquettes' = Gill O'Donovan, Suzie O'List, Maggie Ryder - backing vocals
Dick Cuthell - horns
Martin Dobson - horns
Dean Garcia - bass
Vic Martin - synths
Pete Phipps - drums