Grow younger, live longer (with Deepak Chopra)

4:12 Everything is music stewart / chopra
5:10 Great rivers stewart / chopra
3:55 Cloud of autumn stewart / chopra
4:45 Where children meet stewart / chopra
3:31 Grow younger [dub] stewart / chopra
4:38 Come to me my love stewart / chopra
3:58 The land of bliss stewart / chopra
5:11 My heart beats in waves stewart / chopra
3:58 Falling in love with god stewart / chopra
4:18 Let lovers stewart / chopra
3:49 Who is this? stewart / chopra
3:04 This time of parting stewart / chopra
3:14 Grow younger stewart / chopra

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Sleeve notes

with Deepak Chopra
released: 25 september 2001

The verses in this album are developed from the original poems of mystical poets from India and Persia including Tagore, Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir, and Mirabai. However, they are not literal translations but modern English versions of sentiments and yearnings experienced in the great wisdom traditions of the world.


Music Composed & Produced by David A. Stewart
Lyrics written & spoken by Deepak Chopra

Programming, producer: Ned Douglas
Art Direction: Janene Higgins
Photography: Joanne Savio