4:51 No more "i love you's" freeman/hughes
3:31 Take me to the river green/hodges
5:17 A whiter shade of pale reid/brooker
3:36 Don't let it bring you down young
4:38 Train in vain strummer/jones
3:09 I can't get next to you strong/whitfield
6:42 Downtown lights buchanan
5:53 Thin line between love and hate poindexter/poindexter/members
5:40 Waiting in vain marley
3:54 Something so right simon
Japanese cd
4:57 Heaven butler/butler
3:40 Ladies of the canyon mitchell
3:05 (I'm always touched by your) presence dear valentine

bra rca 74321 25717

ec bmg 74321 257172
uk bmg AL002 - promo release with different sleeve, cd is identical to normal UK release
uk bmg AL002 - promo A4 sized book and cd in brown envelope
fr bmg ?? - promo box with inkpad and stamp
it bmg 74321 257172 - normal cd with extra green cardboard sleeve to promote phone company Omnitel Pronto
jap bmg BVCP 796
china bmg isbn 788069-875-2 - titles on the back sleeve in chinese

  4:51 No more "i love you's"
  2:14 A whiter shade of pale [short]
  1:56 Don't let it bring you down [short]
  1:49 Downtown lights [short]
  2:23 Something so right [short]
fr cd bmg 74321 268982 - promo
can cass bmg ADVC 0163 - promo

Medusa - Live in Central Park

Live in Central Park

4:45 Money can't buy it lennox
3:48 Legend in my living room lennox/vetesse
4:44 Who's that girl lennox/stewart
5:19 You have placed a chill in my heart lennox/stewart
5:27 Little bird lennox
4:01 Walking on broken glass lennox
5:59 Here comes the rain again lennox/stewart
5:17 Why lennox
3:50 Something so right [album version] simon

ec bmg 74321 33163 2 - double cd
jap bmg BVCZ 1035~36- double cd

Sleeve notes

released: march 1995 + november 1995 (2cd)
produced by: Stephen Lipson
photography: Bettina Rheims
design: Laurence Stevens
Live tracks recorded at Central Park summer stage , New York, 8 sept 1995 (date on cd sleeve in not correct)

The entire Central Park concert is also available on a special promo cd


Annie Lennox - vocals, keyboard, flute
Stephen Lipson - guitars, programming, keyboards, bass

Marius de Vries - programming, keyboards
Peter-John Vetesse - keyboard
Andy Richards - keyboard
Matthew Cooper - keyboard
Louis Jardim - percussion, bass
Tony Pastor - guitar
Dann Gillen - drums
Neil Conti - drums
Doug Wimbish - bass
Judd Lander - harmonica
Mark Feltham - harmonica
Pandit Dinesh - tablas
Kirampal Singh - santoor
James McNally - accordian