Power to the meek

  3:16 Power to the meek [radio mix]
  0:10 Call out research hook
usa   arista ARPCD 3786

Sleeve notes

released: 2000
Sleeve design: Laurence Stevens - LSD
Cover photography: Richard Avedon

Remixes / Versions

3:18 album version
3:32 remastered version
3:40 rough edit
3:16 radio mix
0:10 call out research hook

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Peace, samplers


i'm just a girl with my head screwed on
i'm just a girl with a smoking gun
i got my fingers stung
my fingers stung yea
i'm just a girl with my fingers stung

bless these bones
bless this skin
all of me and the mess i'm in
but i don't care
don't know where i've been
but i'll get me there

i'm alive
yea and it's alright

power to the meek
power to speak
i got the power within me
yea yea
power to the shine
in my worn out shoes yea
power to me
power to you

yea bless this head
bless this hair
bless me to the dirt
in my fingernails yea
bless this day
bless this night
give me something good
make me feel alright

i'm alive
yea and it's alright