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Spanish Revenge tour promo 12"
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Peace interview cd-r

BBC Rock Hour #434 - 1983 usa - London Wavelength

San Fransisco - Kibuki Theatre recorded ??

This is the house Sweet dreams
Never gonna cry I could give you a mirror
The walk Love is a stranger
Take me to your heart Somebody told me
This city never sleeps Jennifer
Satellite of love Broadcast date: 21-aug-1983

BBC Radio show #233 - 1980 usa CN-3635

The Tourists - Paris Theatre - London august 1980

Golden lamp Fools paradise
Don't get left behind Deadly kiss
Loneliest man in the world Blind among the flowers
Useless duration of time  
Also included: 6 live tracks by Chris Rea

BBC "Top of the Pops" transcript albums


Westwood one Radio show - 1985 usa IC85-13

Eurythmics (BBC recording - Apollo Theater - Glasgow- 25-feb-1983)
John Paar (Paradise Theater - Boston)

Power of imagination Sweet dreams
All I want IWaitin' all night
Never gonna cry Love is a stranger
Too many people  

NBC The Source -concert special 84-23

89 minute radio show, june 22-24 1984

The First Cut, Only want to be with you, Circular Fever, Right by your side, Here come the rain again, Who's that girl, This is the house, Never gonna cry again, Take me to your heart, I've got an angel, Satellite of love, I could give you a mirror, This city never sleeps, Love is a stranger, Somebody told me, Wrap it up, Tous les garcons and Les Filles, Jennifer, Sweet dreams

Westwood one Radio show - 1985 usa OTR 85-24

off the records SPECIALS with Mary Turner

Radio show on a double vinyl set.
* side 3: Ball & chain / Here comes the rain again / Baby's coming back / Would I lie to you
* side 4: There must be an angel / Sweet dreams + Interview with Dave Stewart

SPIN Radio show - 1985 usa NC 001 - Spin

Full radio show incl. commercials on a double vinyl set.
* interview bits and pieces
* tracks from Sweet dreams, Touch, 1984 and Be yourself tonight.

Created and produced by: Edward Rasen

Hot Rocks Radio show - 1986

Full radio show incl. commercials on a double vinyl set.
* interview and eurythmics music

Unistar - august 1991

Full radio show incl. interview with Dave

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
Here Comes The Rain Again
Who's That Girl
Would I Lie To You
Don't Come Around Here No More -Tom Petty And the Heartbreakers
Dreamtime -Daryl Hall
Missionary Man
Put A Little Love In Your Heart -Annie Lennox And Al Green
I've Been Thinking About You -Londonbeat
Lily Was Here -Dave Stewart With Candy Dulfer

Westwood one 92-29 - July 18-19 1992

Full radio show incl. commercials on cd

* Why + Sweet Dreams + 2 short interview bits and a 28 sec soundbite

Westwood one 93-04 - Jan 23 1993 - On The Edge

Full radio show incl. commercials on cd

2 Annie Lennox segments (18:34 + 13:50 min), incl. interview bits

Sweet dreams, Why, Lovesong for a vampire, I need a man, Walking on broken glass, There must be an angel, Little bird, When tomorrow comes, Who's that girl

BBC The Mix 59 - TCDM9521

BBC world service radio show
contains 4 Medusa interview segments (interview by Nicky....)


Something so right, Savage, A Whiter shade of pale, Waiting in vain

BBC The Mix 80 - TCDM9542

BBC world service radio show
contains 2 Medusa interview segments (interview by Nicky....)


Waiting in vain [live - radio1], Something so right [live - radio1]
- both tracks also available on part1 of the UK cd-single Something so right.

Annie Lennox - Austereo MCM - radio show '96

Annie Lennox radio show incl. interview segments
The full Central Park concert (all the tracks in the correct order). 8 sept 1995
* Not available on other cds: No more "I love you's", Waiting in vain, Train in vain
* long version of Little Bird (version on the Live in Central Park cd and dvd is shorter).

E.E.C - Austereo MCM - PL/ALX01/01

1. Money can't buy it              18:09
    Legend in my living room
    No more "I love you's"
    Who's that girl
2.You have placed a chill        15:13
    Waiting in vain
    Ball & Chain

3. Little bird                            14:38
    Sweet dreams
    Walking on broken glass
4. Here comes the rain again   17:23
.   Train in vain
.   Why
5. interview fragment                00:40
6. interview fragment                00:41

46664 radio presskit cd

Radio presskit cd to promote the first 46664 concert.

This cd was handed out to radio journalists at the Nelson Mandela 46664 concert in Cape Town, South Africa in November 2003. It includes AIDS awareness messages from Annie Lennox, Beyonce, Brian May, Dave Stewart, Nelson Mandela, Paul McCartney, Roger Taylor. Also includes phone messages "Thankyou for calling the 46664 donation line..." from artists including Anastacia, Beyonce, Britney Spears, David Bowie, Dave Stewart, Pink and Shakira.

Masterpiece 0IL17 BY

UK Peace promo, july 5th 1999

Masterpiece 0IL17 BY

BBC In Concert 811

BBC Radio promo
Peace tour live - december 6th 1999 - London Docklands Arena

19 tracks - same concert as the Peace DVD

Special magazines

UK - SFX02
Cassette incl. Dave & Annie reviewing some new releases

Ger - Debut 02/84
Magazine + promo album

Brazil - Speak Up 01/87
Magazine + Interview cassette