Right by your side

  3:50 Right by your side [7" version]
  6:20/6:24 Right by your side [party mix]
uk   rca DA 4 - 2 different backside available
uk   rca DA P 4 - picture disk
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aus   rca 104207
usa   rca PB 13695
ger   rca PB 68126
sp   rca PB 68126 - promo
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  3:50 Right by your side [7" version]
  3:50 Right by your side [7" version]
usa   rca JK 13695 - promo

  12:20 Right by your side [extended mix]
  0:59 Right by your side [special mix]
  5:35 Plus something else - instrumental remix of Regrets
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uk   rca DAT 4 - promo
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Sleeve notes

released: october 1983
photo: Peter Ashworth
design: Laurence Stevens

The Step on the beast - cassette was released together with Right by your side

charts: uk 10, us 29

Remixes / Versions

4:05 album version
3:50 7" version
6:20/6:24 party mix
12:20 extended mix
0:59 special mix
4:27 live, Austin april-1984
1:22 live, Rome 27-october-1989

Available on

Live 1983-1989
Live 1983-1989, limited edition
Greatest hits
Japanese promo album


Plus something else (= instrumental version of Regrets)


give me two strong arms to protect myself
give me so much love that i forget myself
i need to swing from limb to limb
to relieve this mess i'm in
'cause when depression starts to win
i need to be
right by your side
yes i do

no one seems to touch me in the way you do
nothing seems to hurt me when i'm close to you
i'm so full of desire when you set my head on fire
i need to be
right by your side
yes i do

every single one of us needs love, love, love
everybody needs to give and receive love
every single day can drag us down, down, down
but there's nothing left to fear
when love gets into town


Ana Gabriel
The Nolans