Don't say i told you so



Don't say i told you so

  4:12 Strange sky
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Sleeve notes

released: september 1980
photo & design: Willy Smax
backdrops: Karen Ludlow
produced by Tom Allom

charts: uk 40

Remixes / Versions

3:49 album version

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Luminous basement
Should have been greatest hits
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Strange sky


i've been living through some hard times
i've been seeing through some dark times
now i know the sun will shine

you don't understand my point of view
how i must get away from you
now i know i must be free

i always knew that it would be this way
everybody used to say
everybody seems to know
don't say i told you so told you so
don't say i told you so i told you so
told you so, told you so......

everywhere i go you follow me
everything i do you bother me
you follow me everywhere you go
every day and every night
every morning we fight
one day it's gonna be alright