Greatest hits

3:27 Blind among the flowers Coombes
2:21 I only want to be with you Hawker/Raymonde
4:25 Useless duration of time Coombes
3:31 Ain't no room Coombes
1:59 Save me Coombes
3:30 Fools paradise Coombes
2:35 So good to be back home again Coombes
3:43 It doesn't have to be this way Coombes
3:25 The loneliest man in the world Coombes
4:00 In the morning (when the madness has faded) Coombes
3:47 All life's tragedies Coombes
3:15 Everywhere you look Coombes
3:58 Deadly kiss Coombes
3:57 Don't say i told you so Coombes
4:25 From the middle room Coombes
3:25 Nothing to do Coombes
4:41 One step nearer the edge Lennox
3:12 Angels and demons Coombes
3:04 So you want to go away Coombes
4:12 Strange sky Coombes

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Sleeve notes

released: 1997


The Tourists:
Eddie Chin
Peet Coombes
Ann Lennox
Dave Stewart
Jim 'Do It' Toomey