The walk



The walk

  3:44 Step on the beast
  4:00 The walk part 2
uk   rca 230 (PB 5498) - b-side 33 rpm
uk   rca 230 (PB 5498) - b-side 33 rpm - b-side mislabeled as: Odyssey rca 226



The walk

  5:48 Invisible hands
  3:18 Dr. Trash
  4:00 The walk part 2
uk   rca T230

Sleeve notes

released: june 1982
photograph: Tin Costello
sleeve design: Ian Wright

Ann Lennox vocals piano and melodica - David A. Stewart synthesizers and guitar
Dick Cuthell horns and trumpet solo - The willing paticipants male choir

Special thanks to Jack Steven Alan Harrison John Dickenson and movement audio visual without whom...

Step on the Beast - Street talk and rap Fritz from Flex

Dr Trash - written by Adam Williams

Remixes / Versions

4:40 album version
4:00 The walk part 2
4:13 Let's just close our eyes
4:31 live, BBC rockhour

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Sweet dreams
Love is a stranger


Step on the beast
Invisible hands
Dr. Trash


i could be contented
i don't need to suffer
you're beautiful
good to talk to
you make an impression
you take my attention
and when you touch my skin
i smell disaster

step away walk away
all i want is the real thing
nothing but the real thing

walking on pavements
we collect in bars
asleep in the houses
so alone
looking inside herself
she breaks the glass
turns her head backwards
she's fallen down again